Merli & Glen, The Mill Hotel Sudbury Suffolk

A little bit of Estonian and a little bit of English made for an eclectic and beautiful mix on this romantic wedding day.  Merli and Glen married at the beautiful St Gregory Church in Sudbury, followed by a very short stroll down the hill, to the Mill Hotel, which has a stunning setting situated on the edge of Sudbury water meadows. 

The bride was keen to have some Estonian and British customs to their wedding day.  She had a sixpence in her shoe, she tossed the bouquet.....I discovered during the wedding preparations that it is Estonian tradition to kidnap the bride before the wedding. I am glad they decided against this!

The Mill Hotel is set in an idyllic position next to the water meadows alongside the Stour river and grazing cows.  It is venue is very local to me and it never fails to bring some fantastic photo opportunities whatever the weather.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous sunny day.  As it was a bright and sunny day, we left the romantic couple shots until the evening, which was a bonus as the couple were very much more relaxed! 

The bride tossing the bouquet to her single friends amongst the cow field was one of the highlights!

Once again I worked with some fabulous local businesses -

Hair - Karen Lowe

Make up - Lauren Pettet - Beauty by Lauren

The Mill Hotel Sudbury