Wedding Traditions – Breaking the wedding rules!

I have noticed more and more recently that many of my couples are breaking with tradition and making their own choices on their day.  I am a great believer in this, as I feel your wedding day is that, YOUR wedding day and should be what you want and for your wedding to reflect the people you are.

Some of you may feel these traditions are pedantic, antiquated, or just don't fit you and the person you're about to marry.  Other’s love them and really embrace the ‘tradition’ of weddings.

Spending the night apart –

In the modern day, most couples live together for years before they ‘tie the knot’, so feel more comfortable staying together the night before they marry.  Other’s like the idea of not seeing their betrothed until the big day to add to the excitement. Some couples say being together on the wedding morning helps with their nerves.  Personally, I am not sure all would agree though!


Garters –

Ok, so they look lovely but boy are they irritating.  They can itch and most of them slide down your leg at the most awkward moment, so I imagine this is a tradition that stays on for about ten minutes after you've said your vows!


Church weddings –

A church wedding is always special.  I love them.  But with so many stunning venues now with licences , it is little wonder that may now choose to marry in a civil ceremony if they do not feel a religious connection?  On top of this, you can marry and have the reception at the same venue, usually with the assistance of a wedding planner? Save on transport and all in a beautifully decorated venue.  A few years back almost all my weddings were civil ceremonies!  I have however found a real ‘come back’ to traditional church weddings over the past two years, which is great!  So maybe there is a trend leaning towards the church wedding now?


Dad walking you down the isle –

Now this is a tradition that I feel some would love to keep, but sadly it may not always be possible.  This is a highly emotional task for some and a decision that is rarely taken lightly.  During my years as a photographer I have seen many deviations to this tradition. I have had the couple walk down the aisle together,  the brides son walk her down the aisle, her mother even her father in law.  Whoever takes on this role is always honoured at such a poignant task.


Best men –

One best man (or woman) is not always enough now it seems!  I quite frequently have two best men now, sometimes three.  What makes this break in tradition entertaining for all is the speeches, as they are always good entertainment with a comedy double (or treble) act. 

Now this moves me on to....

Speeches –

Do you have them? Some do, some don’t. Do you have them before or after the meal?  Can the groomsmen enjoy their meal during the anxious anticipation of the speech they are about to give to ALL THOSE GUESTS!!?  Or wait until after the meal when they hope that most of the guests are half cut and won’t remember it? The pale faced look of sheer terror, (usually on the best man’s face), until this task is finished is always an amusement for me.   Along with the look of relief afterwards. This part of the day is one of my favourite to shoot, as the speeches provoke so much candid photography!  Shock, laughter and tears….

Cake cutting –

This is a tradition that most seem to stick to but as I was still unsure why it is a tradition I ‘googled’ it.  Apparently this tradition began when bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.  I like it best when they then have a bit of fun and start eating is straight away! Yum


First dance –

This can be fun for some and cringe worthy for others.  Some couples practice their dance and look forward to it.  Occasionally some prepare a funny dance to surprise their guests.  Then there are some couples that cannot bear it and call up their guests to join them as soon as the first verse has been sung.  However this is done is your choice and once this dance is over,  is when the party really gets started….and that is always a good tradition to stick with....