Suffolk Wedding Venues - Moreves Barn

I feel so lucky to live in the Suffolk countryside. A bonus of living on the Essex Suffolk border is the amazing wedding venues I have here right on my doorstep! Some days I literally have to just walk down the road.

Over the coming weeks I am going to feature a different wedding venue, presenting these beautiful wedding venues and showing how couples have made these them their own. Some of these are real hidden gems!.

First up is Moreves Barn, tucked away in the countryside near Sudbury Suffolk. I have had the pleasure of shooting at this venue many times and it really is a wonderful venue.

Destination weddings

There has been lots going on behind the scenes both professionally and personally, hence the lack of posting recently!


I am very excited about 2019.  Mainly due to the fact that my first wedding of 2019 will be on location in South Africa!   This is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to not only visit a country that I love, but also take some amazing images at a destination wedding.  I am also hoping to squeeze in a Safari at some point – well you have to if you are there don’t you!


I will be sharing these images at the end of March, so please pop back and take a look.


I do offer on location wedding photography and all I ask for on top of the wedding package cost is the cost of the travel to and from the destination and one night’s accommodation.  This can often prove more economical than paying a ‘local’ photographer to shoot the wedding for you.  You also have some input in what images you wish to have, unlike some destination photographers where they tend to just offer you the bare minimum/standard package for an extortionate amount of money!


So if you are having a destination wedding, please bear in mind that you have the option to be more flexible with who you have photographing your special day.  I would happily oblige!



Clean Heels!!

For years I have struggled with the age old problem, my heels sinking in the grass!  So many of my brides have had that 'sinking' feeling when having their photos taken on a lovely lawn.  

Last week my Mum presented me with a pair of 'Clean Heels' for work.  What a genius idea!  I think every women should have a pair!!

You can buy these from



clean heels.jpeg

Merli & Glen, The Mill Hotel Sudbury Suffolk

A little bit of Estonian and a little bit of English made for an eclectic and beautiful mix on this romantic wedding day.  Merli and Glen married at the beautiful St Gregory Church in Sudbury, followed by a very short stroll down the hill, to the Mill Hotel, which has a stunning setting situated on the edge of Sudbury water meadows. 

The bride was keen to have some Estonian and British customs to their wedding day.  She had a sixpence in her shoe, she tossed the bouquet.....I discovered during the wedding preparations that it is Estonian tradition to kidnap the bride before the wedding. I am glad they decided against this!

The Mill Hotel is set in an idyllic position next to the water meadows alongside the Stour river and grazing cows.  It is venue is very local to me and it never fails to bring some fantastic photo opportunities whatever the weather.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous sunny day.  As it was a bright and sunny day, we left the romantic couple shots until the evening, which was a bonus as the couple were very much more relaxed! 

The bride tossing the bouquet to her single friends amongst the cow field was one of the highlights!

Once again I worked with some fabulous local businesses -

Hair - Karen Lowe

Make up - Lauren Pettet - Beauty by Lauren

The Mill Hotel Sudbury


Wedding Traditions – Breaking the wedding rules!

I have noticed more and more recently that many of my couples are breaking with tradition and making their own choices on their day.  I am a great believer in this, as I feel your wedding day is that, YOUR wedding day and should be what you want and for your wedding to reflect the people you are.

Some of you may feel these traditions are pedantic, antiquated, or just don't fit you and the person you're about to marry.  Other’s love them and really embrace the ‘tradition’ of weddings.

Spending the night apart –

In the modern day, most couples live together for years before they ‘tie the knot’, so feel more comfortable staying together the night before they marry.  Other’s like the idea of not seeing their betrothed until the big day to add to the excitement. Some couples say being together on the wedding morning helps with their nerves.  Personally, I am not sure all would agree though!


Garters –

Ok, so they look lovely but boy are they irritating.  They can itch and most of them slide down your leg at the most awkward moment, so I imagine this is a tradition that stays on for about ten minutes after you've said your vows!


Church weddings –

A church wedding is always special.  I love them.  But with so many stunning venues now with licences , it is little wonder that may now choose to marry in a civil ceremony if they do not feel a religious connection?  On top of this, you can marry and have the reception at the same venue, usually with the assistance of a wedding planner? Save on transport and all in a beautifully decorated venue.  A few years back almost all my weddings were civil ceremonies!  I have however found a real ‘come back’ to traditional church weddings over the past two years, which is great!  So maybe there is a trend leaning towards the church wedding now?


Dad walking you down the isle –

Now this is a tradition that I feel some would love to keep, but sadly it may not always be possible.  This is a highly emotional task for some and a decision that is rarely taken lightly.  During my years as a photographer I have seen many deviations to this tradition. I have had the couple walk down the aisle together,  the brides son walk her down the aisle, her mother even her father in law.  Whoever takes on this role is always honoured at such a poignant task.


Best men –

One best man (or woman) is not always enough now it seems!  I quite frequently have two best men now, sometimes three.  What makes this break in tradition entertaining for all is the speeches, as they are always good entertainment with a comedy double (or treble) act. 

Now this moves me on to....

Speeches –

Do you have them? Some do, some don’t. Do you have them before or after the meal?  Can the groomsmen enjoy their meal during the anxious anticipation of the speech they are about to give to ALL THOSE GUESTS!!?  Or wait until after the meal when they hope that most of the guests are half cut and won’t remember it? The pale faced look of sheer terror, (usually on the best man’s face), until this task is finished is always an amusement for me.   Along with the look of relief afterwards. This part of the day is one of my favourite to shoot, as the speeches provoke so much candid photography!  Shock, laughter and tears….

Cake cutting –

This is a tradition that most seem to stick to but as I was still unsure why it is a tradition I ‘googled’ it.  Apparently this tradition began when bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.  I like it best when they then have a bit of fun and start eating is straight away! Yum


First dance –

This can be fun for some and cringe worthy for others.  Some couples practice their dance and look forward to it.  Occasionally some prepare a funny dance to surprise their guests.  Then there are some couples that cannot bear it and call up their guests to join them as soon as the first verse has been sung.  However this is done is your choice and once this dance is over,  is when the party really gets started….and that is always a good tradition to stick with....


Simone and Dan, Smeetham Hall Barn, Essex

This was without doubt one of the most entertaining, emotional and enjoyable weddings I have ever had the pleasure to shoot.  From the moment entered the pre-wedding chaos in ‘The Lodge’ at Hedingham Castle for the wedding preparation, I was made to feel welcome and part of the family.  I was met by the bride, her entourage of family and friends (the bride boasted a very large family) and I immediately knew it was going to be a unique and memorable wedding.  The house was full of lively chatter, banter and laughter. 

The wedding ceremony took place in the Essex rural countryside at the splendid Smeetham Hall Barns.  The inside of the barn was adorned with sparkling lights and a romantic archway, which looked quite magical. This lovely couple had made the wedding very personal to themselves, including handmade individual boxes with gifts and a personal message to each of the bridesmaids.  The groom had also made the light up ‘LOVE’ sign himself.

Some of the highlights for me were the speeches which were announced by the witty brother of the bride with his unique style of introduction, the beautiful personal poem that had been written and read out by the couples beautiful daughter and seeing the newlyweds on the bouncy Castle after the meal!  I think Rum punch was involved quite heavily too…..

As you can see from the photos, the bride looked undeniably stunning and the couple were obviously very happy!


Asher and Matt at Moreves Barn in Suffolk

I spent a wonderful morning at Asher’s family home during her bridal preparations with her parents and bridesmaids.  The home had a very calm and welcoming atmosphere.  I was spoilt with lovely cups of tea made by her father Bob (something I hear he is renowned for!) and getting to meet Bert the tortoise was a treat.


Asher and Matt are a really lovely couple and have been together for twelve years.  They married at the stunning Moreves Barn, a gorgeous venue, which fortunately is very local to myself and in all honesty, is one of my favourite wedding venues.  It is situated in the heart of the countryside on the Essex/Suffolk border.  I have had the pleasure of shooting here on many occasions and always find the venue stunning and the owners are always extremely welcoming.  On this particular day, I walked into the barn and the smell of flowers and cake filled the air.  It smelt delicious!

After a very emotional ceremony, the guests gathered outside on a lovely spring day for drinks and canapes.  The weather was kind to us and we managed to get some gorgeous shots of the couple in the beautiful gardens.  I have heard since the wedding that even though the groom is not usually keen on having his photo taken, he actually quite enjoyed himself on the day……..

Suppliers - 

Make up - Grace Leggett 'Make up by Grace

Hair - Studio56

Venue - Moreves Barn

Band - Jolly Polly and the Pirates

Great Dunmow Maltings

The Great Dunmow Maltings, a little gem of a venue, tucked away in this lovely Essex market town in the heart of the countryside.  A beautifully restored historic building, which is also home to the town’s museum.  It is a popular historic attraction and so was the perfect venue for this couple, who have a passion for history!

A touching and very personal service was held here for the couple, who wrote their own vows.  The reception was beautiful and had been lovingly organised by the couple.  Katie’slove of daffodils, tea and cake shone through on this colourful day.  The feast of pastries, sandwiches and cake smelt and looked amazing.

Katie and Jonathan are such a relaxed and down to earth couple and it was a real pleasure to spend time with them at such an intimate wedding,  along with their close friends and family.

Stephanie & Mark, South Farm Royston

My first wedding of 2017 was for the lovely couple Stephanie and Mark situated at South Farm in Royston.   It was my first time at South Farm and it is now one of my favourite venues.  Not just due to the setting and uniqueness of the venue, but also how helpful the staff were there, making sure the day ran smoothly for the couple.

 I first met the Mark and Stephanie some years back at the best man James and his wife Erin's wedding, where I was their wedding photographer too!  It's lovely to get recommendations like this.

South Farm really is a unique wedding venue for a country wedding.   On entry to the farm you can see the beautiful farm house standing in front of you, along with the Tudor barn and other lovingly restored buildings scattered around the grounds

The couples guests were able to stay at South Farm in the rooms provided, or choose from a selection of Romany caravans or a showman's wagon. 

The gardens and grounds of the venue are stunning and offered some fantastic scenes for some romantic shots of the couple.  I can see why it is such a popular wedding venue!

Here is a small selection of images taken from their day.


First wedding of 2017

South Farm, Shingay, Herts.  My first wedding of the year, at the amazing South Farm.  It was my first time here and it did not disappoint, such an original and stunning venue!  Congratulations to the fabulous Bride and Groom Mark and Stephanie who were super chilled out and looked gorgeous.  The sun even made the odd appearance during the day.

More photos  of this beautiful wedding to follow!

Model call - Maternity Photography

Model call - Maternity Photography


Your pregnancy may seem like it lasts forever while you are pregnant, but as soon as you have had your baby, but most miss their bump!


I think all women deserve to feel amazing during this magical time in her life and embrace her body. 


I currently need models to shoot on location in the Suffolk/Essex area, or within your own home (if you have space).



30-36 weeks pregnant

Be noticeably pregnancy

Willing to sign full model release and all required contract and waivers


What you will get in return get:

Wardrobe help

Posing and direction

5 full resolution digital files with print release (with option to purchase more)

No purchase necessary to take part


How to apply

Contact me by mail at or via face book for a booking form.

Please supply a full length photo of yourself


No investment, no obligations to make a purchase.  I just want to update my portfolio for this year.


Wedding albums

I absolutely believe if you can afford a wedding album, you should invest in one. In today's societyit is so easy to add the files onto your pc and forget about them.  I love the thought that couples have something to show their children in years to come, treasured memories that last from generation to generation.  As years pass by, looking throughthese treasured images will be a magical experiance

I have found nearly all my couples are now choosing to have albums, which is fantastic.  It is really important to me to supply my customers with a quality product.  I supply GraphiStudio wedding albums.  I chose this album supplier over the all others as this amazing Italian supplier is at the cutting edge of style and design. If you’d like your wedding album to ooze contemporary chic then you’ll love their range, which encompasses bold colours, covers in metal, acrylic and silk and a wide range of page styles.  You can also select more traditional finishes such as leather or suedette.  The choices are endless.  Plus their products are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

With regards to album design, one size doesn’t fit all.  I tailor how I work each album to fit my customers needs. If you want to choose the pictures and then I put a design together, that’s great. If you want to leave both the picture selection and the design to me, that’s fine too. If you would rather have an input on both the picture selection and the design, then let’s meet up and design it together over coffee, and maybe some cake. Seriously, it’s your album, so it’s your choice.

You've had the amazing day, the beautiful images, don't miss out on the album.

Albums are available from £275